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About Us

The Quai is a unique vision and collection of hats and accessories that help you break out of the box and express your true self and fashion feeling.  

 Each of our signature hats ships with uniquely paired accessories, and our versatile and affordable line extensions help you match your hat AND your lifestyle through flexible usage as jewelry and fashion accents.

 The Quai delivers a custom lifestyle experience without the exorbitant price of a custom hat.

 The Quai is also about equality.  Our unisex hat design fits the vast majority of both men and women and reinforces our belief that taste and fashion are the province of both sexes.  Our future lines will provide even more versatility in bespoke sizing.

 The Quai hats and accessories allow you to be truly free and express your mood- from a casual day out to being the star of the show at night, we have you covered in style!